Are you a Weiser and would you like a @weiser.net email address?

Background image: the city of Weiser, Idaho, USA by Sam Beebe [cc by 2.0] Wikimedia

Finally a great email address!

Does this sound familiar? You've been online for decades but were never able to claim a great email address?

This happened to me, Philipp Weiser. Until I was able to purchase the weiser.net domain. Now I'd like to share it with other Weisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can get my own @weiser.net email address?

Yes! If you are a person with the last name "Weiser", just get in touch with us to see if your personal "firstname@weiser.net" email address is still available. Please contact us here.

How much is a @weiser.net email?

weiser.net emails start at $3.99/month. Discounts are available, if you'd like to use more than one weiser.net email for other family members. See all pricing options here.

How do I access my @weiser.net email?

You can keep using any email client you prefer like the Mails app on an iPhone or a Mac, Microsoft Outlook on mobile or PC or as an alias of an existing Gmail account. You can also access you weiser.net email through a webmail interface.

Is a @weiser.net email secure?

We only grant usage rights to the email addresses. The emails themselves are hosted by one of Europe's leading email hosting providers. Please get in touch with us and we're happy to provide detailed information on how their servers and emails are kept safe.

Is a @weiser.net email private?

Our email hosting provider is fully GDPR/DSGVO compliant, their full privacy policy will be provided. Your @weiser.net email will be yours and yours alone. No other Weiser will be able to access your emails.

Who's behind weiser.net?

Philipp Weiser runs weiser.net. He was lucky enough to purchase this domain in 2023. He plans to use it for himself and his family for a long, long time. But you are cordially invited to claim and use your own @weiser.net email address.

Get in touch

Would like to have your personal FirstName@weiser.net email?

Please get in touch to check if your name is still available.