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Photographic Pricing - Barry Weiser

Original Signed Photographic Prints .

Grand Central Mural Collection

13" X 19"

8" X 10"

5" X 7"

$ 950.00

$ 500.00

$ 300.00

Un mounted personally signed and limited numbered prints with a Notarized Certificate of Authenticity.(provenance statement from the artist).

All photographers printed on high quality archival paper with water proof ink/dyes. Prints fixative sprayed for UV protection.

10% discount for multiple print selections - "Good for all future purchases"
Shipping and Delivery included.

Framing and Matting's to be chosen client

Custom sized available

All prints printed on high quality archival paper with water proof ink/dyes. Prints fixative sprayed for UV protection.

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  A number of on-line "Distance Learning" courses designed both for experienced photographer and new digital enthusiasts. Your photographs will be viewed and personally critiqued by me. Personal VOIP and online visual instruction.
Film/Digital Photography
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Preservation, Archival Integrity and Longevity

"Williams says, Longevity issues and color fastness were concerns people had about digital. At the end of the day these concerns are a little hypocritical since many other (non-digital) media will have more archival problems than digital prints. That's why we have conservationists. On a similar note, Pritikin points out, Visual art comes in infinite forms, from pastels, oils, and pencil drawings, to sky writing and sand sculptures, some art only lasting nanoseconds. So the issue of longevity is always relative.

Digital printing technology has made enormous progress over the last 15 years in terms of longevity, durability and color fastness. Today's generation of pigment inks are far more stable than traditional watercolor paintings. One question that arises regarding preserving artwork is the need for fixatives. Williams held a pigment print on paper, one that had not been sprayed with any fixative, under running water and showed that it didn't run at all. He doesn't use fixative, but I have found that a spray fixative helps prevent pigment inks coming off my canvases when I work into them with acrylic gel medium or pastel". Robert Pritikin, Griff Williams, Rangefinder Magazine

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