Instructional Curriculum:

Choosing your Camera: A camera's a camera's a camera. This course is designed for your "eye" with a pinhole camera if need be... Want megapixel counts or gearhead information there's plenty on the Web. I'm approaching this as an artist not a camera equipment enthusiast. I will speak to the differences between recording materials Digital Carbon Recording , Silver Halide (B/W Film) Color Emulsions

Developing Your Eye: Identifying your subject or background. Understanding what you want to relate to your viewer. Then how to make it prominent.

The Art of Composition: Flat, Vanishing points, Symmetry vs Asymmetry, Cropping, Snapshots

Seeing the Light: Color, Highlights, Shadows, Middletones, Direct Sunlight, Backlighting, Sidelight, Fills, Available Light, Strobe (Flash)

Exposure Control: Speed vs Depth of Field, ISO

Portraiture: Studio Portraits, Candid's, Location Portraits, Styling, Fashion, Glamour, Nudes

Table Top: Still Life, Product, Macro Photography, Architecture

Reportage: Photojournalism

Finishing: Retouching Darkroom / Photoshop etc.

Presentation: Portfolios, Slide Shows, Flash etc.

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A simple example, pick a thing, "subject",concept something to work around.

Now spend 20 minutes shooting as many photographs as you can to illustrate the theme. Send your completed project to me and let me help improve you shooting technique...

Example:"Textures" is a .wmf video animation you'll be taken off site, make sure to return.. Your project need not be a video, .zip up the files and send them...