What is your purpose?

As I was building this site a had a number of business models in mind. Most revolved around selling my work to collectors for future profit as their worth will increase in value as they are exhibited in galleries, museums and private collections. Sort of a "Why wait till I'm dead? Buy them now directly from me on-line! As I consulted with my business associates it became clear that this technique had been done many times before. Even well known "dead" photographer's images are difficult to sell as investments.

So what's new now?

I'd like to have as many people as possible have the images that most represent internal thoughts personally or as gifts to someone they feel would be moved, signed original prints.

Why are your prices so expensive?

These are the prices the print have sold for before both in galleries and by private collectors?

Are your prices open to negotiation?

Yes, contact me at or call us voice at 212-620-4525
All reasonable offers will be considered.