Internationally known Photographer Barry Weiser has been making professional photographic images for over 40 years. On display are a good number of images displayed for pleasure and sale. Many of the contemporary works are digital but traditional Silver Halide film and transparency's are included.

Purpose: To bring professional quality collectible low cost signed art to as many people as possible... Please be aware visual images say many different things to many different people...
Pick ones that speak to "you" an image you would like to see regularly

This project will be updated with new works as they are produced. Mr. Weiser shoots about 200 days a year so expect new works.

Standards: All print list prices are for matted and framed 20 X 24 inch hangings personally signed by the artist. Certification is available for provenance.

Most prints priced as Image sized to fit 24" X 24" Glassed 2" Black Frame
$250.00 non framed 13"X19" proportionately signed by the artist.
$150.00 non framed 8"X10" proportionately signed by the artist.
$ 50.00 non framed 5"X7 proportionately signed by the artist

Custom sizes upon request

Shipping within 1 week depending on print difficulty Mr. Weiser prints all his work. Unless prints larger than 13" X 19" The framing and matting professionally done by local New York Firm.

For more information please call Weiser Communication Inc.
212/620-4525 or photoraphy@weiser.net
Hudson Speed Image


Hudson Speed
Short Description

Hudson Red Image


Hudson Red
Short Description

Tanks and Dishes Image


Tanks and Dishes
NYC 150mm Sonar Canon 350D

Union Sq. Breeze NYC Image


Union Sq. Breeze NYC
Romany Kramoris Gallery Show Print Sag Harbor NY

Hudson Fog NYC Image


Hudson Fog NYC
Romany Kramoris Gallery Show Print Sag Harbor NY

Hudson Piles NYC Image


Hudson Piles NYC
Romany Kramoris Gallery Show Print Sag Harbor NY

Hudson White NYC Image


Hudson White NYC
Gallery Show Print, Iced Over Huson River Winter 2008

Hudson Speed NYC Image


Hudson Speed NYC
Lackawanna Railway Terminal...

Spring Move Image


Spring Move
Huson River Park Spring

Italian American Gothic Image


Italian American Gothic
Kodak EKTACHROME 2 1/4 X 21/4 Hasslblad, shot on location 1000wt Strobes

Mercury Image


Grand Central Mural Series Commissioned by NYC Transit Authority